In addition to online forecasting and stock management, Parity sites come with a tool for creating basic web pages. Site admins can create a number of pages to hold static content, such as a Homepage, About page, or FAQ page. Pages can be visible to registered users, unregistered users, or everyone.

# Page Properties

Name *
The name of the page. This is used within the primary navigation of the site, as well as on any other occasion that Parity needs to link to this page.
Handle *
A unique, human-friendly string to identify the page — generated automatically from its name by default — and used as part of the page's URL e.g.
Content *
Content is made up of a series blocks. You can add blocks to the page's content area using the buttons beneath it. Details of each available block can be found below. Content blocks can be rearanged by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired order.
Each page can be visible to Registered users (those who have signed up and been approved), Unregistered users (this makes the page publicly viewable on the internet, so please be cautious when publishing with this visibility setting), or Everyone (both registered and unregistered users — the aforementioned caution therefore also applies here).

# Block Types

Displays a heading on the page.
Displays rich text, including the ability for inline stying such as bold, italic, strikethrough, and link creation.
Allows the creation of an expandable accordion. This is useful for content that should be summerised, but expanded upon when clicking on the section name. A perfect use for an accordion block would be frequently asked questions; whereby the name of the section is the question, and the body is the answer. An accordion is made up of multiple sections which each have a Name and Body.
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